Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day Three Hundred & Eighty Seven

Hi Peeps! Well Mark got home at 3 in the morning this morning. I don't know why he even comes home. He works above a hotel -- he could easily sleep there. Tonight he is home earlier, but he has to leave early.

I took Dozy to the doctor. She has a bladder infection. Poor little girl. So I did the appt, they did a little test plus sent a urine sample to a lab, and bought an anti-inflammatory and antibiotics. The bill was $187!!!! Mark totally about threw Dozy into the trash when he found out. How can it be so expensive? I hope she feels better tomorrow cause she is totally miserable right now. And I haven't been getting any sleep :(

And I found out my sister is going to Disneyland. Who did I find out from? From A! How can that information get to Estonia before it gets to me? I am so jealous. We haven't been for about 4 years. It's not fun having a husband who doesn't like Disneyland. Who doesn't like Disneyland? I didn't know that was possible until I got married.

Well, I'm off to bed, and I'm suffering severe Downton Abbey withdrawal. I've been talking with a British accent all day to my kids because I totally feel like I'm just part of that show now. Goodnight!

Day Three Hundred & Eighty Six

Well I suppose it's Day Three Hundred & Eighty Seven actually. It is past midnight and Mark is still not home from work. I just finished watching the 2nd season of Downton Abbey. It is officially my most favorite show. Now I have to wait til next January for the 3rd season! I can't possibly wait that long.

Today was nice. I got quite a bit done. Lexi had ballet and Jake had wrestling.

My poor Dozy is headed to the doctor tomorrow. Something is wrong and I'm not quite sure what, but she can't rest. I think she may have some type of infection. She is very restless and constantly licking her belly area. She's not happy :( Speaking of dogs, my sister's mother-in-law was walking her cute yorkie the other day and they were both attacked by a couple of pit bulls. The yorkie's back was broken and lungs were punctured and they had to put her to sleep. I was driving Lexi to dance today when I told her, because she knows the dog, and I was mostly telling her so when she walks Dozy, she would watch for other dogs. Well she burst into tears. BURST into tears. She yelled at me saying, "Now WHY would you tell me that?? Couldn't you just tell me to watch out for pit bulls? Why did you have to tell me about the yorkie???" She was seriously very angry and cried the entire way to dance. Sometimes I think they can handle more than they really can. Anyway, it was a very horrible story. I hope they do something to the owner of the pitbull. It is terrible that this keeps happening!

I'm off to bed. Goodnight.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Day Three Hundred & Eighty Five

What do you do when your 8 year old boy won't stop singing the Star Spangled Banner? He can't go ten minutes. And this has been going on for weeks. If there is ever a break in his thoughts, or if he starts playing a game, out comes the Star Spangled Banner. It is driving me and Lexi up the wall.

I'm totally starting my diet tomorrow. Totes! And you are all going to hear about it. Yay!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day Three Hundred & Eighty Four

Yay for the Oscars! I LOVE the Oscars. My poor family watched it with me and I know it was dreadful for them to sit through it. I didn't do the usual party because no one really likes it but me :( But it was so fun this year because I've actually seen so many of the movies nominated. Super fun!

Church was lovely.

Last night I asked the kids to go to bed. About an hour later I asked Jake to check in on Lexi because she never said goodnight. So he looked in her room and saw the lights off and told me she was asleep. About an hour after that I was going to go in and kiss her goodnight and she was not in her bed! I was freaking a little, and then I went to look in the bathroom and the door was locked. She had fallen asleep while brushing her teeth and was in there for 2 hours! Jake and I knocked on the door and I told Lexi to wake up and unlock the door. Well she woke up and turned the fan on instead of unlocking the door. Jake busted out laughing. Anyway, we got her to bed finally.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day Three Hundred & Eighty Three

Hi! We were just reminiscing about how this time last year we were getting ready to go to Hawaii. I miss it so much. You know those vacations that you always remember? That seem perfect? This trip was one of those. And in all actuality, it was far from perfect, but it seemed that way.

This morning I took Lexi to ballet. It was fun because they were having auditions for 'So You Think You Can Dance' at the Capitol Theatre where her lessons are. So we got to watch some filming. We saw many dancers come out with broken hearts.

And I officially have a new addiction. I'm addicted to Downton Abbey. And it has just happened since Thursday, but I've already watched seven episodes of the 1st season. I don't know what I'll do when I'm caught up.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Day Three Hundred & Eighty Two

Good Evening! was just okay. I had issues that I won't delve into. And tonight was Lexi's 2nd ballroom competition. And they got 2nd place again. Lexi is having major problems with her partner. He pushes her and yells at her in class, and tonight I saw him grab her arm to stand by him while the awards were being given and boy, did she get mad! I told her she could just punch him when he grabs her, but she is past all that and now she wants a new partner. I think he's cute and they do a great job together and it looks like they like each other while dancing, but apparently not so much.

Anyway, I tried to videotape the dance, but my recorder ran out of battery SO fast! So then I wanted to at least get a picture of Lexi with her partner, but after all that happened, there was no way Lexi was going to stand next to him for longer than she needed. So no picture. :( The BYU Nationals are in two weeks -- that is the biggie. So that will be fun, hopefully!! Poor Lexi puts up with so much.

Oh my goodness, I remembered something else. So we were on our way to the competition and we stopped at the Chevron for a drink of course. Jake was going to stay in the car, so I just got out and left my keys in the car. At the last second, he decided to come in, so I locked the car and realized later we were locked out. We were already running behind for the competition and my phone was locked in also. So the kids waited at the gas station while I RAN back to the house. Then I had to try to get in the house (house keys were locked in the car). So I tried the garage keypad, but for some reason it never works when it is cold outside. So I tried and tried and tried and FINALLY it worked. I ran in and got the spare key, but to shut the garage door the keypad wouldn't work. So I had to push the button in the garage and run out while trying to jump over the sensor. Well my sensor is SO high! So I was trying to jump while ducking and I had to do it SIX times before I finally got it. I'm so hoping my neighbors didn't see. That was so embarrassing. Anyway, we made it.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day Three Hundred & Eighty One

Hellooooooo! I had a pretty great day if I do say so myself. I helped in Jake's class and it was awesome. I LOVE pretty much every single kid in that class. Really! And Jake showed me what he got the other day. Someone left 4 little candy hearts in a baggie on his desk -- one with lips, one with tattoo wings, one said 'LOL', and the last said 'hottie'. Isn't that so sweet?

Then I drove my cute friend to the airport so she could meet her cute hubby in Vegas. I wish could join them. That sounds weird, but I think it's super warm down there! Speaking of warm, I could totally see a hint of Spring in the air today and I'm not ready (fat-wise) for summer! I need to lose some serious chubbiness. How can I do this? I am finding it very difficult to exercise. I am finding it very difficult to stick to a good eating plan when there are so many yummy foods surrounding me. And I am finding it very difficult to drink water. And those are the only 3 things I need to do to lose weight. So maybe I'll start on Monday.

Then Lexi and I went to Orem for ballroom and found out she has a competition tomorrow. What??? Seriously, I think there is a tiny problem when I don't know that it's the day before a competition. So, she'll miss ballet again. Then we hurried home to go to the Blue and Gold Banquet. Is that right? I don't know, the cub scout thing. However????!!!!! They forgot to do Jake's badge again. Again! Poor little Jakey poo. Is it bad that I'm wondering about Scouts? I'm just getting feelings that know.

Okay, that's all for me.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day Three Hundred & Eighty

Oh I'm so tired! Dozy kept us up all night long. She is such a dingbat and I can't handle that she hasn't gotten the hang of things in her two years of life. She still pees on the only rug left we have in the house, and she NEVER sleeps through the night! But last night she was buggin us for about 3 hours. So we are both very tired.

I helped out in Finlinson's class today. And then did some shopping.

Tonight was so fun! I dropped Lexi off at dance and then took Jake to his first wrestling meet! They always do two matches. If they lose the first match, they wrestle another loser for the second match. And if they win the first match, they wrestle another winner. Well Jake has never won his first match, but today he did! He did great! So the next match was against another winner. So, I am only allowed to post the video of his first match. It's 3 minutes long, so I'm sure only family members want to watch. He is strictly forbidding me to post the video of his 2nd match. Anyway, it was a LOT of fun! Goodnight.

Jake Green -- Herriman Wrestling 2012.m4v

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day Three Hundred & Seventy Nine

Today was fabulous! AND we had a wonderful weekend in sunny St. George! The kids and I left for St. George Saturday after Lexi's dance. The first thing we did upon arriving was go to a park that is supposed to be the awesomest park ever (heard from a couple of sources). So we went. It IS different. There are many play things I've never seen, but Jake hated it. He didn't think it was fun at all. Lexi had a little more fun. Then we went to Red Robin for dinner. Poor Lexi had mouth problems all weekend. It started with a cold sore before we left, but in addition to the usual cold sore, she had a bunch in her mouth and on her tongue. She pretty much didn't eat the entire weekend. She was such a trooper though, and had a wonderful weekend despite the pain.

Sunday we woke up and went to 25 homes in the Parade of Homes. 25!!! That is my idea of a most perfect day! The kids had fun and it was perfect weather. I can tell you that all of Washington County is voting for Ron Paul. You couldn't go five feet without seeing Ron Paul sign -- in every single area of Washington County that we went to. And we went to ALL of it with the Parade of Homes. We all decided that we don't like the million dollar homes. Who would want to clean that? All we want is a normal size house with an awesome view and an awesome pool. Is that too much to ask? Sunday night we did a bit of swimming at the club house.

Monday we went to the rec center to go swimming. By this point, Lexi's mouth was healing, but she bit on a chocolate chip and screamed in pain. I looked in her mouth and a tooth was bleeding. It just looked like it was loose. After swimming we went to the final three houses in Hurricane. Then we came home. Lexi's tooth fell out on the way home. So it came loose and fell out within hours. Tonight we found three other loose teeth. She is going to look like a serious hillbilly real soon.

So Mark told me he couldn't come with us because he had to work on Monday (President's Day). So I was fine with that. Then I talked to him on Saturday and he said he would probably stay home on Monday cause he felt "sick". Then Sunday he told me he was going to Idaho to go snowmobiling and coming back Monday night. I totally think he had that planned all along. What do you think?

Today the kids went to school and I relaxed, kind of. I worked on the computer all day. Jake has his first wrestling tournament tomorrow and I'm SO excited!!!! I will try to record it.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Day Three Hundred & Seventy Five

Good Evening! I've just spent hours trying to figure out something online. I can't stand it! I'm heading into unknown territory and I don't know what I'm doing.

Well....the kids went to school. I thought I would feel better today and I was just okay. It keeps coming and going. I missed what I'm sure was a lovely lunch with some lovely ladies and I'm bummed cause I like nothing more than going out to eat! And Mark came home early because he is sick.

But guess what??? The kids and I are going to St. George tomorrow for a little vacay and the St. George Parade of Homes. Yay!! I hope we all feel better and that we have a nice get-a-way. It is supposed to be a little chilly though -- and rainy, but we can do chilly and rainy. Adios amigos! And I won't have an internet connection, so I'll see ya'll on Monday.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jake went to school today! And Lexi is feeling better! And I should feel better tomorrow I'm sure. And I can't wait! But guess what I did while laying in bed? I organized every single photo on my computer. I am SO happy. That was a big deal.

Mark said he would be home three hours ago and he's still not home. He works so hard. Poor little guy.

I've been sitting here waiting to go over spelling with Lexi and I finally checked on her and she is sound asleep. So I guess I'll go to bed. I can't believe no one brought me cookies during this sickness! What is up with that? At least my sweet papa still gets me cokes.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day Three Hundred & Seventy Three

Now I'm sick. I feel like I should put a quarantine sign on our house. This has been never-ending sickness since Christmas. Kids were home today. Most likely will be home tomorrow. I may as well watch Hoarders. I can't get any lower than now :(

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day Three Hundred & Seventy Two

Well now Lexi has a fever. And Mark is sick also. This is just a mess! I sent both kids to school this morning and then I went to help with Lexi's valentine party. It was fun, but I went to check on Jake and he was ready to come home. He had been have stomach aches, and he still has them. Then Lexi came home at the end of day with a fever. So we are a bunch of sickies.

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day!!! Yay :) And Dance Moms was excellent, as always. As was Hardcore Pawn. Adios.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Day Three Hundred & Seventy One

Well my poor Jakey Poo was home today with a fever again. But I think he may be on the mend. Although I'm still not sure about him going to school tomorrow and he's been praying all day that he'll feel better so he can go to the Valentine party.

And Dozy got a hairdo and she looks beautiful! She is all ready for Valentine's Day. And then dance, blah, blah, blah. And now bed. I'm so boring.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day Three Hundred & Seventy

Well today hasn't been fun. Poor Jakey is SO sick. He threw up last night (and Dozy threw up today, but I don't think it was related). And Jake has had a fever all day. He just sat on the couch drifting in and out of sleep. He has finally been a little more active for the past couple of hours. But he doesn't look good and will most definitely be staying home tomorrow. Mark had to teach in church, but other than that, we've all been just hanging out. And it SNOWED today!!! Yay!!

So Jake and I are watching the Grammy's and it's been so fun this year. Nothing too crazy. And Bruno Mars was SOOOOOOOOOOO good. I never even liked him but I do now! He was so super cute. I think I have a tiny crush. I even pushed the record button on my DVR when he was singing cause I'll probably watch it a few times :) And of course the Glen Campbell tribute was so sweet.

Adios folks!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day Three Hundred & Sixty Nine

Boy am I ever glad to be home! I am so sick of driving. I drove to downtown SLC three times and Provo once today. SLC was for Lexi's dance all three times, and Provo was for a wrestling match between UVU and Penn State and it was so fun! We took the kids hoping that Jake would be excited, but he is so sick again, and wasn't too happy being there. But Lexi watched. And I fought a high school boy literally to the ground for a t-shirt. Penn State is number one and they won all the matches except for one.

So, yes, Jake is sick again!!! He was up several times throughout the night and then woke up with a very high fever this morning. He has had a fever on and off all day and he's really achy and coughing like crazy.

Earlier today we were talking about Jake when he knocked a tooth loose earlier this week. I saw it happen, and as he was walking to the aide, his friend, Izzy, came up and gave him the biggest hug. Now Izzy is the daughter of the very good friend I used to have who doesn't talk to me anymore. Izzy and Jake have had an on and off relationship since they were three years old -- that's five years! Anyway, Lexi said that day at lunch, Izzy had come up to her to tell her Jake had gotten hurt and went home. And then Lexi said to me, "It's so sweet! It's like Romeo and Juliet cause the parents don't like each other!"

Okay, that's it for me. I am watching KUTV and I can't stand this woman anchor on the weekends. Her laugh is so fake and it kills me!!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Day Three Hundred & Sixty Eight

Well hello cute friends! I'm so excited today because I FINALLY got all Lexi's pictures from the Nutcracker and I will post them. But first...

Well really I hardly did anything important today so I'll just post the pictures. Yay!

This is rehearsal in the Capitol Theatre.
Lexi is the only one in blue :)

Backstage playing games, waiting for her
turn to go on stage.

Getting her makeup put on.

On stage! Lexi is the farthest blue soldier
on the left.

Second blue from left.

She is in the background being carried offstage
by a mouse (she is right behind the soldier that
you see). She would like to point out how far her
mouse threw her over his shoulder (compared with
the other two). She was not happy!

Lexi is kneeling down, farthest on left.

Still farthest on left -- in the front.

After the show

This is her official group picture. She is
bottom row far left.

And Lexi's pic! Unfortunately, this is a
picture of a picture because I don't know
how to scan.


Day Three Hundred & Sixty Seven

Today was great! I started the day by helping in Jake's class and it was so fun. I LOVE those little kiddies. But word got out that I give the boys princess books and the girls bug books when I exchange the baggie books, and those kids weren't happy! But I did it again today anyway.

And then as I was leaving, I sat in my car a minute and saw Jake at recess. He was playing tag and then I saw him fall and hit his face on the playground equipment. I watched while he went to the aide cause I wanted to see if he would recover, but then I saw him start to walk into the school. He was bleeding in his mouth so I took the sweet little boy home. He knocked a tooth loose -- it's a baby so it's fine, but he got to spend the rest of the day at home with me.

So, I've given up making dinner from the crappot recipe book. They are just all a tiny bit yucky, and I can't stand making dinner at lunchtime! It just doesn't feel right. So I went back to my Body for Life cookbook and tried a new recipe. I asked the kids, "are you so excited for dinner?" Jake said, "No. I am concerned on SO many levels." Where does he get this stuff?

And then I went to have dessert with my wonderful childhood friends. It is one of my very favorite things to do. I LOVE those girls! And now it's actually tomorrow so I'm going to bed.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day Three Hundred & Sixty Six

I am not too proud of my pooch lately. This is a sensitive topic so I understand if you don't want to read on. She humps constantly! SHE! I had told you I looked it up and girl dogs DO hump. But I looked it up again last night, and she should be over her desire to hump. So basically girl dogs do it, but not many. And if they do, they stop around one year old. And Dozy is almost two years and it is becoming more constant and really driving me nuts. She has this elephant toy in the shape of a ball who we call "fatty" and that is her preferred humping object. Yesterday she was on the bed and humped fatty til she fell off the bed. Now I'm just telling her to knock it off, and she'll stop if I ask her, but then starts up again when she thinks I'm not looking. I can't handle it!!!!

So....underneath our kitchen sink it started leaking again, and it was a huge mess! Fred (our super cute plumber) came and gave us a new garbage disposal. Ours was totally rotting away. Okay! So I'm going to bed. Nighty night.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day Three Hundred & Sixty Five

Happy Anniversary to my super cute blog! Yay! Today I got crafty. You heard me! I will show you what I've done later, but I'm so proud of myself. I actually hate doing crafts...I am very anti-craft. But this craft is useful.

So I took Lexi to ballet today and it was her conditioning class. She needs her yoga mat for that, and I had taken her mat out of the car when Mark and Jake went skiing. So she didn't have it. I have LOVED Ballet West, but she has a teacher for conditioning who scares her. I guess when this teacher corrects Lexi, it comes out in a meanish way and it makes Lexi very nervous to go. I hate that she is getting those feelings, cause she loves ballet. So anyway, we got to class and realized the mat wasn't in the car. This teacher just said last week that they could no longer borrow mats and the kids would get in trouble if they didn't get them. Lexi was scared to death. So, I figured I would rather them be mad at her for missing, than for her to get reprimanded in front of this very large class and start crying. We went to get cupcakes at Backer's Bakery instead. Yummy :)

And then I took Jake to wrestling. That room they wrestle in is the stinkiest room EVER and I hate sitting in there. I totally hate it.

And then we all watched Dance Moms which is the best show ever! And you might think that it is exaggerated, but coming from experience, I believe every bit of it! That was what my year was like last year at dance. Well not as bad, but kind of. And speaking of dance, I forgot to mention that Lexi's teacher was going to pick the best performer from last weekend's competition and Lexi won! There are about 16-20 kids in the class. She gets 5 bucks, but has to split it with her partner. She was so excited.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Day Three Hundred & Sixty Four

Should I have a party for my one year blog anniversary? I probably would if I had more than 14 people read my blog, but since I don't :(... I guess I'll party alone.

Today was the best day! I got so much done. And I get to finish the day with the Bachelor. It couldn't be better!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day Three Hundred & Sixty Three

Happy Sunday! Today I played the organ and the piano in Relief Society again. We had the greatest Relief Society lesson EVER today. I am not even kidding. A super cute woman in our ward gave the lesson and she was so funny, we were all crying. It was great.

And the Superbowl was today! My family all went to my sister's house, but I stayed home cause I am sick and Mark stayed with me. Mark actually fell asleep during it (?). It was fun, but I was rooting for the Patriots cause Tom Brady is WAY cuter than Eli Manning, and that is clearly what matters. Goodnight!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day Three Hundred & Sixty Two

Today was Lexi's first ballroom competition. It was at Thanksgiving Point and they did great! They got 2nd place.

Lexi waiting around with her friend, Jacob



Finally the awards!

She had fun, but was bummed that they got 2nd. I will video the next competition. Today I just wanted to watch :)


Friday, February 3, 2012

Day Three Hundred & Sixty One

Good Evening! I feel like I'm getting sicker instead of better and I'm so grumpy about it!!!! I checked Lexi out early and drove to Thanksgiving Point for her dress rehearsal for the dance recital. Then drove home and picked up Jake from school and took him to Scouts. Then picked Jake up and took him to Paden's. Then drove back to Thanksgiving Point for the recital (4 hours!). Then drove home. Lexi did GREAT! She and her partner do so well together. Her partner is also in the Hip Hop company and he looks so good! He is definitely one of the very best. Now I have to drive Lexi to ballet at 7 in the morning downtown, pick her up at 10:30, then drive back to Thanksgiving Point for her ballroom competition. Crazy!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day Three Hundred & Sixty

I can't believe I've been writing for almost a year! That is SO fantastic.

So....still sick. It is really unfortunate. But I still made funeral potatoes for a funeral today. I hate that they are called funeral potatoes. The funeral was for a cute lady (actually I've never seen her) who lives on the corner. They had just sold their home and were about to move to St. George for a nice retirement, and the weekend they sold their home, she collapsed and died a week later. It is so sad. I didn't go to the funeral, only my potatoes went.

I took Lexi to ballroom this afternoon. She has her first recital tomorrow and her first competition on Saturday. She is so excited!!! And I can't wait to see her. And Jake and Mark went to wrestling.

I'm totally feeling like crap so I'm going to bed. Goodnight.