Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day Three Hundred & Ninety Three

Hello! Today was such a great day :) I got to go help at the Book Fair, which I LOVE to do. I love seeing all those kids. This cute little kid came up to the register with three Titanic books and said, "Oh I just love learning learning about the Titanic! It's my favorite thing to learn about!" So I added up the prices and he was $1 short and was just devastated. There were a million kids standing around, so I tried to discreetly tell him to just take the books (and I would pay the extra dollar). He kept saying he didn't have enough. Finally he got the hint and took the books. Then this cute little girl came up with a HUGE stack of books, around $100 worth. So I asked her to show me her money before I rang them all up, and she pulled out $3. I didn't pay for her :(

After school was Jake's parent/teacher conference. I don't want to brag, but...........I'm pretty impressed with my little dude. He amazes me sometimes.

Then we drove Lexi to ballet and then back to Brighton High School for Jake's wrestling meet. He won both matches!!!!! YAY!!! That's his first time. It was awesome and I will post the video. The 2nd is more exciting than the first, but they are both 3 min long, so you don't have to watch unless you really, really love us. Anyway, Jake was SO happy and Grammy and Papa were there to watch. It was so fun. Another busy day tomorrow....

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