Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day Three Hundred & Forty Six

Hello friends! One more week til the Pinewood Derby. Yay! I'm SO excited!

Today I swear I was busy but I can't really recall doing much. After school we went to ballroom. Jake and I went to the scout store. Two months ago I didn't even know scout stores existed. And now I could spend HOURS in the scout store! It is so much fun. Then Jake and I waited and waited for Lexi. We found a semi-cute store of crafty wood cut-outs and went in. Jake found a gun he wanted and so of course I had to get one for Lexi. Plus I felt like I should support this little business that I've never seen anyone enter. So that's what we did.

Jake waiting for Lexi

Jake messin with his new gun

Jake shooting me with his gun

Lexi getting hers. These kids really 
have too much crap.

This is what I stare at for four hours every
week. Isn't that annoying. His eyes just follow
me around. I don't think any boy above
22 should bleach their hair.

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