Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day Three Hundred & Fifty Five

Well hello! Today was lovely. I took Lexi to ballet bright and early and she had a wonderful time. Today I tackled our basement. It is overflowing. Because we don't use it, we just put stuff down there and it is so unorganized. But my goal is to save enough cash to redo it completely in a few months, so it needs to be clean! I got so much done and it feels SO good.

I got the monthly "talk" last night about how I spend too much money. He calls me from work when he decides to look at the credit card expenses. I HATE this talk. Especially when he only goes over MY expenses and not his. And I am buying for the whole family and the home, while he is just buying for himself. But he will never understand and I fear we will have this talk every month for all time. So I ended the talk early and pretended to be asleep when he got home. And this morning he was much happier. I'll just pretend I'm asleep from now on. is early and to be honest, I'm feeling a little under the weather, so I hope I make it!

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  1. Totally missed you today. You would have loved sacrament meeting.