Monday, October 31, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Sixty Six

Happy Halloween!! Today was so fun. We got up early and the kids got all dressed up in their costumes and they looked SO super cute. They were a caveman and cavegirl and when I'm not so sleepy I'll post the pics.  I went early and picked my seat out at the parade. It was so fun -- I LOVE the Halloween parade. The kids had parties at school and I came home and cleaned the house, always my favorite thing!

After school I took Lexi to ballet. Ballet on Halloween? Yes. And Lexi got her teacher to talk about the ghost there. She had a fun day.

For Halloween dinner we went to Grammy and Papa's. Mark took the kids out trick or treating and I was SO grateful! I have fun every once in a while, but tonight I just wasn't feelin it. The kids had a blast and they were gone for 2 hours! Then we had chili and donuts -- our little tradition. Okay that's it for me!

Kaitlin, guess what I saw at the toy store? They have a Dippin Dots machine so you can make them yourself! I wanted to buy one and send it to you, but my mom reminded me that all your outlets are different and stuff. I can't remember if A liked them or not.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Sixty Five

Happy Sunday!! Today was great :) Church was lovely. After church, Jake had his interview with the bishop about his upcoming baptism and he was "freaked out", but he did GREAT! He is an awesome little kid. After church we came home and I made cupcakes for Jakey poo's bday party at Grammy's tonight.

So this week is massively busy for me. These are the things for this week: halloween, gala practice, nutcracker practice, ballroom, volunteering at school, getting the garage done, Jake's bday, Jake's baptism, my in-laws coming (which I LOVE, but if the basement is still messy when you come, please blame your son), and then I was given this PTA task that is consuming my time, and I MAY help at the book fair. I don't know how I'll do it all. Anyway, today I was supposed to make cupcakes AND carve pumpkins, but something had to give, and it was the pumpkins. I've always carved them, and I feel so bad, but I just don't have the time. Sorry cute kids -- hopefully they won't remember.

So at dinner time we went to Grammy and Papa's. Grammy does scavenger hunts for the kids' bdays, but today's scavenger hunt was the BEST. I took pics of everything and I'll post it later, but it was awesome, and I started to get teary. Papa asked Jake what he wanted for his bday dinner and he said salmon, so Papa made the best salmon YET! And we had cupcakes and watched Amazing Race. Great day!

Here are some pics:

This broke my little heart. In Lexi's school planner, her goal
for the week was to make friends in "soldier" practice, which
is the Nutcracker practice. :(

These are the monster mouth munchies that I made for
Lexi's dance Halloween party.

The kids in Mexico looking for their snacks
for the week.

Look how cute! They fell asleep together.

Jake's bday cupcakes. His is the middle with no frosting -- he hates it.

Blowing out his candle. Yay!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Sixty Four

Hola. Back from Mexico. The kids had Spanish lessons in the car on the way so they would be ready. Jake knew more than I thought!

Today was much mo betta than yesterday. I had to get up so bright and early, actually it wasn't bright, it was dark, and take Lexi downtown for Gala rehearsal. She's in a gala for Ballet West next Saturday. They do a performance and then have dinner at the Grand America. Tickets for dinner are only $2500 a table. So.....Mark and I are just going to the performance. She loves it and she got to practice on stage at the Capitol Theatre today so she was excited. I slept out in my car for three hours.

I have to comment on the "occupiers". I am SICK and TIRED of driving by them every day. They are lazy and dirty and are making a mess of Pioneer Park. I am starting to really feel sorry for the Homeless people who are being jostled out of their "home". And the "occupiers" who are claiming they aren't getting what they need, are not sharing their food with the homeless. After I drive past Pioneer Park a couple of blocks I get to a huge construction site where a million Mexicans are working their butts off. I am definitely on the side of the Mexicans! They are such hard workers and many of them don't take things for granted. Anyway, that is my two cents on the subject. I hope it ends soon

After dance we went to Jake's soccer game. It was his last because he is being baptized next Saturday so he'll miss the last game. It was fun except Mark was frustrated with Jake cause he thought Jake was just galavanting around and not paying attention. I thought Jake did great and that started a whole big argument. And then Mark went golfing.

I tried to get more done on my garage today. I tried taping and mudding the joints of the sheetrock on the ceiling, but that is HARD! There is no way I can do that by myself. So I got a different kind of joint tape and will attempt it again on Monday. This is taking much longer than expected.

We didn't even go to Chili's tonight cause I was so busy. And the kids raked up all the leaves, but left them out in a huge pile so no doubt they will find their way down to my parents' house. Goodnight :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Sixty Three

Today sucked. I'm going to bed. Thank you Mom and Dad for trying to make me happy. I love you to pieces!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Sixty Two

Good Evening! I am SO pooped! Today was the busiest ever. I had to take the cat trap back with no cat. That is one smart cat! He wouldn't even eat my tuna. So, Dozy will continue to bark at the cat, and hopefully she won't get attacked by it.

Then I spent the afternoon going everywhere to get stuff for the appetizer I was making for Lexi's dance party and we ended up being 20 min late because of traffic, so by the time we got there everyone had gotten their food and eaten it. It was a fun party except they had the parents take part in the games and we had to learn a dance which was horrifying. When I watch Lexi, I think "why is she not getting it???", and tonight I finally understand. It was so hard to learn and get the steps right and it was so embarrassing and the worst part is they filmed it and it will probably end up online somewhere or on facebook.

Earlier this afternoon I took Lexi to ballroom and my friend Julie and I went to visit Brynn, who used to live in the neighborhood. She now lives in a very cute house in Lehi. It was fun. But it was a lot of driving and traffic was so bad today!

Okay, I have a plan and we can't tell Mark yet. I am taking the kids to visit my sister in Belgium next June. Mark will say no way, but I'm not going to invite him. And we are going to have so much fun and go to Disneyland Paris!! How fun is that? And my kids really want to go to a castle (haunted of course) with a torture chamber. I'm so excited!!!!! I just don't know how I can get Mark to agree with my plan....

Crap!! The Cardinals just won. That really sucks. And Dozy is growling at her bone. And I'm going to bed. Goodnight.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Sixty One

Hi there. Today was great. I had many accomplishments. I went to help some kids read at school. I signed up to help in Lexi's class doing baggie books, thinking it was just exchanging them out for new ones. But I got there to find out that I am supposed to read with three different kids every week to better their reading skills. So I go in every Wednesday to do that. Then I ran a bunch of errands, a bunch!

Then the kids came home from school. Today was hat day and Lexi FINALLY got to wear her British hat that she bought in Vegas a year ago. It's like the hats they wear to weddings and stuff. Lexi has just been wanting to wear it wherever and I have had to tell her no. It is bright red besides being British. Anyway, she wore it today and looked super cute. Jake wore his BYU hat and came home from school all in a dither cause someone told him BYU stands for Barney's Yellow Underpants.

Tonight Jake went to soccer practice and Lexi had a late Nutcracker rehearsal. She was scared about the whole haunted ballet business cause it's getting darker and darker and her rehearsal was late so it was really dark. And THEN while she was inside, the Haunted Ghost Tour bus stopped outside the Capitol Theatre as part of the tour!

Okay, no French tonight, we are doing spelling homework. Goodnight!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Sixty

Brrrrr. It was so cold today. Too cold for my taste. I'm getting tired of my hair. I hate finding it everywhere. With blonde hair, I had no idea it fell out so much. But now I see it everywhere and it grosses me out! I at least want a haircut.

So the kids had a good day. Lexi had dance and loved it. We had our French lesson -- we learned foods and table settings. Jake had a baggie book about endangered animals and there was one fish and he said, "that looks like a norwhal" and I'm like what??? I'd never heard of it. He said, "you know, a norwhal. They are whales that live in the arctic and have horns like unicorns." I thought he was totally making something up. So I asked him to spell it and sure enough. Mark has heard of them, but I can't believe there is an animal that Jake knows that I don't! That was weird. Ok goodnight.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Fifty Nine

Bonsoir, my French lessons have been put on hold for the day. I have been going CRAZY trying to get the kids' Reflection entries together. There are so many rules and I couldn't get Lexi's video in the right format, and for me to even understand that would just take forever. So I put two different formats in the envelope and I'm just hoping something will work.

So....Lexi had dance at the Capitol Theatre today. I didn't remind her about the ghosts and she didn't say anything so I was hoping she had forgotten. Well after dance, she told me what she had discovered. The Ballet West logo is BW. If you separate the B, you get 13. And if you turn the W upside down you get an M, which is the 13th letter of the alphabet. She figured this all out on her own! And now she is convinced it is haunted. Plus, she got home and looked at her spelling list and "thirteen" is on it.

Okay, we ARE going to learn French tonight I guess. The kids really really really want to. Goodnight!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Fifty Eight

Bonsoir! I'm learning French! I wanted to learn something else, but my dad had a knock off of Rosetta Stone in French and so that's what I'm learning. How fun is that? Rosetta Stone is $400 and this was $29 at Costco, and it's supposed to be very similar. Lexi wants to learn Arabic and Jake wants to learn Chinese or Spanish. But they are both learning French with me.

Today I literally did not get out of bed until I went to my dad's house for dinner. I was so cozy and comfy, it was such a relaxing day.

And tonight's dinner was SO yummy -- a perfect fall dinner.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Fifty Seven

Hola Amigos. Como estas? I just returned from my weekly trip to Mexico (aka Walmart). I actually found everything I needed tonight which was a huge shocker.

Today was pretty great. I worked on the garage quite a bit. I had definitely planned to paint today, but the more I got going on everything, the more I realized needed to be done. I've been to Home Depot a million times and I'm starting to make friends. I should get the painting done next week. And I got rid of my organ. Yay! The mother and daughter who came by last night, came over today and picked it up. The father is terminally ill with cancer, so it's kind of sad. Hopefully the organ will be put to good use.

Also Lexi and I went to her dance studio to film her dance that she choreographed for the Reflections contest. She'll enter it next week. I think she did amazing, but I don't know the competition she's up against.

And tonight we went to Chili's. The woman at my gas station is always going to the bar at Chili's, so I was talking with her the other day about how we always go to Chili's, but we always get a different waiter, so no one gets to know us, and therefore no favors. So this morning I went to get my coke and she gave me the Chili's manager's card and said she talked with him about us and told him we need to be treated better. So tonight we went, and the woman happened to be there at the bar, but I didn't talk to her, and after our meal our waiter came over and said we would get a free dessert and our bill would be less. He said from now on, we will always get our appetizer for free. Yay! Finally!!

I just watched such a scary movie on Lifetime called Vacancy. It was in the theatres once. But it was soooooo scary. Okay, goodnight.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Fifty Six

Today was so busy. My garage is coming along! I bought the paint and I should be able to start painting tomorrow. I'm so excited!! I'm also REALLY trying to talk Mark into letting me get the shelving I want for the garage, but he's putting major limits on my spending. So I'm trying to get rid of the organ in my garage. We got it from some ward members a few years ago and it has been sitting in the garage ever since. I feel so bad, but I just never had room in the house to put it. So I put an ad on KSL yesterday for a FREE organ. I just want someone who can take it off my hands. I got no takers. Really, not many people are in the market for an organ. Anyway, I was complaining to Lexi that I really wanted it gone, so she and Jake made about six signs that said "Free Organ" and my number and they walked around the neighborhood and taped the signs to signposts. They even put up a couple of signs at the gas station and shopping center. Well what do you know? A cute woman and her daughter saw the sign and came to give it a look and they are picking it up tomorrow. Yay!!!!!

Mark is snoring SO loud right now! Okay, well I have a busy day tomorrow, so Adios. And I wish A&K would say hi!!!! I hope you guys are doing good in school!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Fifty Five

Good Evening :) Today was great! The kids were home, I got to sleep in, I got the entire garage cleaned, so tomorrow I'll start prepping to paint. I DO need to get rid of the organ sitting in my garage. I put it on KSL today for FREE. I just need someone to come pick it up. And I need it gone ASAP.

So that's all we really did today. And tonight we had a movie night with me and the kids. Lexi gets extra credit for watching City of Ember cause they read the book in class. So we watched it and it was pretty good! It was fun. Tomorrow will be fun too. Okay, I'm going to bed. Goodnight!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Fifty Four

Hi there :) It's so late. Today was fine. I was really bugged about something at school today. So bugged that I came home and took a nap. Then the kids came home cause it was early day. So we went to a pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins. They had so much fun and they went through a spooky hay maze. We got the most awesome HUGE white pumpkin, but when we got home, Lexi opened the back of the car and it rolled out and fell on her foot. It cracked all over, so it probably won't last. And Lexi's foot is fine.

Tonight we went to our last Brighton football game. It was fun, but a tiny bit chilly. The kids have so much fun!

And tonight we read a book about the spookiest castles. Then there was a news story about haunted places around Salt Lake City. A few Lexi already knows about, including a hotel right by the Capitol Theatre, where she takes ballet. Then the news woman said the Capitol Theatre was haunted and Lexi freaked. So we looked it up online and it is under the MOST HAUNTED PLACES IN AMERICA! So now Lexi is really freaked. Apparently an usher died a long time ago in a fire and now haunts the place. He plays with locks and other things. He also messes with the elevator. And that is the moment Lexi LOST IT. She goes on that elevator all by herself sometimes (which I'm not always happy about anyway cause it is tiny and so old). She never wants to go back to ballet again! Ever! Then she told me about how girls in the Nutcracker get bloody fingers whenever they stand in a certain corner, and just the other day a soldier girl by Lexi got a bloody finger -- the 4th person to get one. So, that is what I'm dealing with tonight. Yay! Okay, goodnight.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Fifty Three

Hello!!! Mark thinks tonight might be an all-nighter :(

Today was fun. I started on my garage. I did some puttyin. And I'll do more tomorrow. I'm hoping to get it all painted this weekend and maybe do the acid stain on the floor too.

Lexi had a little dance today, but most of the afternoon she had free, and we have NO dance for the rest of the week! It's like we are on a vacay! It's UEA weekend, that's why. So the kids have a half day of school tomorrow and then we have nothing.

I am in SO much trouble with Mark right now. He just discovered that I never returned one of Jake's movies to Redbox and we were charged $25. He's having a fit. I hate being in trouble. I don't know what my problem is with movie rentals!!!! I never can return them on time. Ever!

Here are some pics:

Cute Jake

Something Lexi did at school.

Jake made this spider at school out of clay. I LOVE it! Lexi
laughed cause it looks like a scorpion, but it is actually
very correct, except for the six legs, which he didn't have
enough clay for.

Lexi's artwork: Crazy Cactus

More of Lexi's artwork: Tree of Life

Monday, October 17, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Fifty Two

Another beautiful day in Sandy, UT! Well, it's end of quarter again, so I'm alone again and poor Mark is working late.

Today was great. I got my nails done, but I got in trouble for it. I think Mark just figured out I've been getting my nails done for the past year. He had never said anything, but I thought for sure he must have noticed??? Apparently not, cause he found out today and is not happy. But I'm going to have to keep this little luxury cause it's just SO nice not to have to worry about my nails. And it's a fun little salon and I'm just going to keep going.

So....I cleaned and then took Lexi to ballet. Jake had to come also, but he fell asleep and slept the whole time we were there. Then home to make some dinner for the neighbors -- the dad just had his appendix out, and then dinner for me and the kids. We got our first leaves on the lawn today!! It is so exciting.

Okay, goodnight.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Fifty One

Happy Sunday! It's raining. Is it supposed to rain today? I don't know.

I got up so early to go accompany some girls singing in my friend's ward. I think it went well. But I don't really know. Jake came with me to turn my pages and he did an AWESOME job. I came home and slept for a very long time.

Tonight we went to Dad's and had a slab of meat for dinner. I don't like slabs. My dad is the greatest cook ever, but I don't like slabs. However everyone else does, so I'll continue to get slabs for dinner. I LOVE you Dad!

And now it's 11:30 and I'm wide awake!! Okay, adios :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Fifty

Howdy do. Jake woke up in the middle of the night making the most horrible cries of pain. I can't stand to see him in such agony! It was 3:30 in the morning and Mark was still up playing the xbox (?). I gave Jake some more meds and he woke up much happier and didn't have a fever today!!!! The first time since Monday. He was still a little sluggish today, but tonight he is almost back to normal. I'm so happy!

Lexi and I went to ballet bright and early. I took a nap in the car while she was inside. It's probably not the best idea to sleep in my car downtown with the windows open, but what am I gonna do? I was so sleepy and it was hot! Then we came home for a couple of hours and went back downtown for Nutcracker practice. Well, the bakery girl is officially not talking to Lexi and that girl is friends with all the others, so it was another sad practice. I told Lexi she either has to accept that she is there to dance and not make friends, or try harder to befriend another girl. She thinks they're all taken, but she says she'll try harder. I feel bad, but I don't know what to do.

There is a Ballet West Gala coming up November 5th. My first gala! Actually I'll be going to the performance right BEFORE the gala, because I can't afford a $2000 seat at the gala dinner. But Lexi is in the performance, so I'll at least go to that. And apparently I'll get a few treats after. But to get ready for the gala, she has extra rehearsals for that also. This is getting crazy!!

We went to Chili's later on of course. And I made cookies again tonight. Tonight I took them to my friend Julie's husband, who really likes my cookies -- at least that's what I hear. And to our neighbor across the street who just had his appendix out. They are yummy in my tummy!

And tomorrow I am accompanying a few girls while they are singing in church, but the fun part is that we haven't even practiced yet. So their church starts at 9:00 and is in Lehi. That means I'm getting up early on my one day to sleep in. But I would do anything in the world for this friend, so I shall get up early.

No cat yet....that cat has been bugging us for about two weeks straight, and now he has disappeared.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Forty Nine

Good Evening. Well, Jake doesn't have strep, but the bad news is that he is still very sick and we don't know what is wrong. He had a very high fever again all day today, has horrible headaches, and it hurts to turn his neck. I did take him to the doctor and they couldn't find anything wrong, so I just hope it passes. After the doctor we went to pick up a kitty trap at animal control. We walked around and looked at all the poor animals who don't have homes and it is heartbreaking! They all want to get out SO bad. :(

We got home and I put out my trap but so far have not caught the darn cat. But he was there this morning, so hopefully he'll be back tomorrow. He is getting more daring and doesn't even run away now when Dozy barks at him, he just hisses right back. Poor Dozy has a mean old cat in her own backyard!

And because of Jake, Lexi missed another day of dance. This time it was Ballet West. I just don't want to drag him with me and he has nowhere else to go. So Lexi got to go to Activity Days, which she was so happy about.

And then tonight Lexi and I went to work the snack shack again at the Brighton football game. Lexi invited a friend cause she didn't have Jake to play with. It was fun, but I was on fountain drinks today and that wasn't my fave. But it was such nice weather!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Forty Eight

I think Jake might have strep. I keep thinking he's better then he keeps getting worse. So tomorrow we're off to the doctor. Jake and I just stayed home all day. Poor little kid. Lexi went to school and had a great day. And we took the day off from ballroom cause Jakey is sick. So that is really all for today. It was another beautiful fall day though!

To A&K: Lexi would like you to fly back to the U.S. to see her in the Nutcracker this Christmas. So get your tickets and you can stay with my parents :)


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Forty Seven

Happy Wednesday!!!! Today I was such a busy bee. I took out all my flowers, trimmed the bushes, and got ready for fall. Now I'm just waiting for my leaves to fall. It was such a beautiful day!

Poor Jake was home very sick today. He woke up in the middle of the night with a high fever and he had it all day today.

And Lexi had a good day at school, but not at Nutcracker practice. Her one good friend from the bakery is no longer her friend, and Lexi has been very lonely. She just stays by herself and it breaks my heart! I really want this to be such a fun experience for her and today was NOT good. I had a little talk with her, but I don't know what to say. It's so hard :( And as I was waiting for Lexi, I was given the pleasure of watching the "occupy wall street (salt lake version)" march past me. I would pretty much guarantee that "99%" of those people have no idea what they're protesting about. It was a little ridiculous.

And Anastassia finally wrote to me! It's about time!! This dumb dog barks so much, it's making me crazy. I am SO sorry to my neighbors, but I'm not sure what to do. I think we have a kitty cat living in our vines on the side of our house and Dozy goes crazy after that dumb cat.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Forty Six

Today was so fun! My mom and I went to see a movie and that never happens! We went to see The Help. It was SO good. The book was good and I like the movie even better. I think the movie was perfectly cast. So that was fun.

Actually I didn't do much else but clean. Lexi went to dance, but this time I brought her home for dinner. She usually stays during ballet cause Jake usually has football, but I brought her home today cause Jake is done with football and she has so much ballet anyway. So she came home for dinner, took one bite, and said, "I should have stayed at dance." Jake only took one bite too. It was a chicken enchilada recipe from the old 5th ward cookbook. I won't say who's recipe it was, but it wasn't the best.

And poor Jake has a neckache and a throbbing headache. He says it feels like he has two brains in his head and they are pushing on each other. Poor little kid :(

That's all for me.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Forty Five

My tongue is making me crazy and you're all gonna hear about it. I think I've tried about everything.

Today I cleaned and hung out with Dozy. Same thing I do every Monday. It gets very boring. After school Lexi and I went to ballet, but today all parents got to watch the class. Lexi amazes me. And I'm sure every parent would say the same about their own kids. I can't believe how much she knows that I don't know. And she is such a beautiful ballerina! It was so fun. I love the professionalism at Ballet West. I really love everything about it!

Goodnight! Oh, and I went to the gym. Yay!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Fourty Four

Hi :) Today is Sunday and therefore, church. I went to sacrament. It is the first time I've been to church with my new hair. It wasn't fun. But I like it now so I don't care what anyone else thinks. It was fast and testimony meeting....

After church we came home, I made the most delicious pancakes, and took a nap. I just barely got the kids to bed and it's 11:18. I'm such a bad mother :(

So we've discovered that Dozy hates Drew Barrymore. If she sees her picture, she goes CRAZY! I'll try to get it on video tomorrow. I'm going to bed. Goodnight!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Forty Three

Good Evening. Today we got up early and went to dance. I waited 50 minutes in the cold to buy Nutcracker tickets. I got the 3rd row which should be wonderful! I'm so excited! Lexi had a great day in dance today. And Jake's soccer game was canceled due to this super crappy weather. It was freezing yet again today!

We didn't do much else. Mark is still recovering from his cold. We did go to Chili's of course. And that's it. Not very exciting. Goodnight!

This is for A&K and Mom and Dad :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Forty Two

Hi there. Ok, I'm going to bed. I'm getting up early for dance. Real quick...went to help in Jake's class again. I LOVE his class! Then Fred came over and finished his plumbing job. I swear Fred is the best plumber ever! But I won't give anyone his number cause I always want him to be available to come to me.

Then Mark came home from work cause he's a tiny bit wimpy and he can't handle a cold. :) Then I took Lexi to ballet and I read my People magazine while I waited.

Tonight I went to dinner with my super cute parents to Pei Wei. Jake complained the entire time saying he hated everything. And he really got on my nerves tonight. He is going through a stage that is not so much fun. Okay, totally that's it. It was FREEZING cold today and I really hope it warms up tomorrow.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Forty One

It SNOWED today!!!! Like, actually on the ground. And it was 80 degrees a couple of days ago. Crazy!

Today I went to help in Jake's class. It was so fun. I played a game with the kids. I was sitting on the floor and asked Jake to go get my coke on the other side of the room and he took off running and we all heard a flop and we turned around and Jake was flat on his face. It was so funny! All the girls were laughing, and Brielle said, "that was SO random!" Oh my gosh, it was hilarious.

Then Fred came over to do some plumbing. Fred is our super cute plumber who looks quite a bit like Willie Nelson. We had some major plumbing issues and he is coming back tomorrow.

Then my precious phone broke!!! The touchscreen wouldn't do anything. I couldn't answer any calls or anything. It was horrible. So I obviously had to go get a new iphone :) I didn't get the iphone 5, I got a pretty cheap iphone 4, but it's nice. However, it does not have a mobile hotspot like my palm, and there is no mirror. How can I get by without a mirror on my phone?? And I need to get used to the keyboard, but I guess that will happen. It's super cute though!!

I took Lexi to ballroom and then we went to Jake's very last flag football game. It was FREEZING COLD! I thought for sure they would cancel, but it cleared up and it was just cold. It was fun. And Paden's dad was the coach again and he was GREAT! I think he should be the coach next year too (hint, hint).

Okay, nighty night!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Forty

Hi!!!!! I'm writing early tonight because I swear I'm going to go to bed early so I can get up and exercise. I NEED to! Why did my girl dog just try to you know what to me? Do girl dogs do that? I am so offended!

So today I just didn't get ready at all. I never did my hair or makeup. I cleaned and quite possibly found a solution to all of Mark's hats. It rained all day long today and was quite chilly. So Dozy and I just hung out and chilled.

After school we had Jake's cute friend over and then Mark came home early cause he's not feeling well and he fell asleep on the couch. I did homework with the kids and that's it! Nothing exciting. Lexi didn't even have dance today.

And speaking of exercising, I did really well with my diet today. I have to do well cause my tongue won't let me drink diet coke or eat crappy food :( Goodnight.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Thirty Nine

Good Evening. Oh my gosh! Kristen Cavalleri was voted off DWTS? What is that all about? I don't KNOW what that is all about!

Okay, so today was fine. I'm ready to possibly chop off my tongue any minute now. Can I survive without my tongue?

So here is my hair, Kaitlyn....

Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't. I most definitely think that blondes have more fun, and will eventually work my way back to blonde, but I'm going to experiment more first. After this, some red, and maybe lighter brown, and then back to blonde where I belong.

After school Lexi went to dance for 5 hours. Jake brought a couple of friends home today and they had some fun. I fed everyone dinner and we went to football. The regular coach was out of town, so we had Paden's dad today and he was AWESOME! It was such a great game and Jake made an AWESOME touchdown! Yay Jake! It was so fun.

And now I'm catchin up on my shows. DWTS sucked though. Okie dokie artichokie. Goodnight!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Thirty Eight

Hi friends :) I heard from Kaitlyn today and that made me SO happy! She sounds like she's doing great and she looks great! Here is a pic:

She is so pretty with her blond hair! I told her that I blame her for me being chubby and dying my hair black. She knows what I mean. 

Today I got my cute nails done again. It seems like I'm always there, but that's ok. Then I did the bulletin board at school for October. Then I went to Target to go grocery shopping. It was so nice! Mark has been making me go to Walmart for the past few years to save money, but I'm going crazy. They are always out of at least one thing I need, there are some very questionable people there, the carts are always sticky, the check out people are elderly (yay for political correctness, but nay for how slow they are), and I really don't know if I save that much money. So I went to Target. Everything is SO clean and orderly, the carts are so nice, and they have enough people to check you out that you are in and out in a jiffy. I might have to take a break from Walmart for awhile.

Then Lexi and I went to ballet. I slept in the car for a bit while she was in ballet, then we had an hour break in between ballet and Nutcracker rehearsal and Lexi wanted to try this Brazilian place around the corner. So we totally planned on that but it is only open for lunch. So we went to Gandolfo's and it was very stinky and kind of dirty. We'll have to try the Brazilian place next time. Then we walked around for a bit til Lexi had rehearsal. Tonight we came home to find a very chubby bunny in our flowers. Jake and Lexi wanted to keep it, and Mark tried to catch it and we were laughing and laughing at Mark running around the neighborhood in the dark, but eventually it got away :(

Ok, that's it for me! Goodnight.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Thirty Seven

Today was General Conference again so no church. It was a good conference, what I saw of it. I have a hard time cause I get so sleepy.

Tonight we had dinner at my parent's. My mom thought, after looking at my ghost picture, that I had purchased some sort of visual effect. She could not believe it was real. It really is freaky. And my mom (and me too) is seriously missing A&K. She is going through withdrawal. I am too. This past summer was one of my favorites. The only thing missing was my sister, Wendy.

I am so excited for Fall though, and everything else! Ok, goodnight.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day Two Hundred & Thirty Six

Good Evening. Today was so busy. Lexi had dance in downtown Salt Lake, then Provo, then Salt Lake again. I drove so much today. But I am so thankful to my parents. They actually took Lexi to ballet this morning cause they wanted to stop at the farmer's market downtown. Then I took Lexi to Provo. We were supposed to meet with Lexi's choreographer at BYU, but we got there and..... the dance building was closed for General Conference. So we went to Center Stage and Lexi learned the rest of her solo. Then, we drove back to Salt Lake for Nutcracker rehearsal and then she had more photos taken.

Then dinner at Chili's and home to make my most delicious pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. And boy are they yummy! Jake and I took some to his friend who broke his arm the other day.

Now, while I was typing this, Jake was walking around the house taking pictures. He unfortunately took a picture out our front window and it looks like we may have some ghosts. Freaky ones. Jakey freaked out and went to pray. Then he made us all pray together. And now he wants me to call the ghost show that I never should have let him watch on t.v. They come to see if there are really ghosts -- like ghostbusters. I told him that wasn't happening, and now he won't get out of my bed. Neither will Lexi. Okay, I'm posting some pics. I'll include the ghost picture.

Lexi at the orthodontist -- ready to get her braces!

Is this not the cutest picture ever? (Jake's pic)
And this??? (Jake's pic)

Jake in his sleeping fort. You can't really tell it's a fort.

Lexi with her braces. She's doing great!

Dozy -- look at her ears. I chopped the hair off one ear.

Lexi's picture of Piglet.

A little bird in the middle of the fence. Do you see? I get
bored at dance. This is in Orem.

This was the view from my car today of SLC.

The bank where my super cute aunt stole $250,000.
Okay, look above the rocking chair at the white blob and
you see a face with eyes in the blob. Then to the right of that
there are two more face blobs. Then to the left of the first blob,
his arm is reaching out and bending forward. See???? 

Wendy, I would LOVE to send you cookies, but I probably won't. But maybe someday. I love you!!!!